Natalie Dekel

Hypnotherapist,  Reiki Master/Teacher,  MPhil in Art and Design.

Take control over your life!


Reiki & Psychic Reading

Success, Relaxation and Confidence

Stress, Health and Childbirth

Weight loss

Fear, Phobias and Depression

Neuro-linguistic- certificate, Natalie Dekel.
Natalie Access Bars Certificate 2020

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural meditative state of mind in relaxation, during which the practitioner can help address issues that disturb the client, affect their wellbeing and block their path to success.

Hypnosis is natural and normal human experience. To explain this, imagine that your awareness is a staircase. Now, your every day waking consciousness would be at the top of the staircase, while your sleep state is at the bottom of that staircase. On that staircase of awareness, hypnotic state is about halfway point. Throughout the day, most people experience moments of hypnosis. For example, when they become emotionally engaged with a book, a movie, music, or a memory that comes to their mind or when they drive on autopilot while thinking of something else.

A session in hypnotherapy is a positive, relaxing and deeply healing experience.

Hypnotherapy can help you reach your potential in life, change habits that no longer serve you and generally improve your life for the better. In hypnotherapy you enter a safe space, allowing yourself to recognise your own power and self-worth. It helps to boost your confidence and show you a path for positive change in your life.

Who is Hypnotherapy for?

Hypnotherapy can help anyone willing to change in order to improve their life, willing to be more happier, healthier and more successful.

All it requires is willingness to do the change and following instructions.

A few of the things Hypnotherapy can help with…


  • Weight Loss
  • Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Inner-Peace
  • Public Speaking
  • Giving up smoking
  • Depression
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Happiness
  • Improving Sports performance
  • Success at Interviews
  • Pain Control
  • Relaxing
  • Exam Nerves
  • Health and Well Being

What is the process like?

At the first session I explain how hypnotherapy works and what we will do. When you relax and feel comfortable I will guide you into hypnosis. Most sessions you will be given a recording to take-away to reinforce the therapy. You decide if you would like to book next appointment.

Hypnotherapy offers a deeply relaxing, healing experience akin to meditation. You will be in control and awareness throughout the process.



I offer a free telephone consultation to find out if hypnotherapy can help you; during which you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.   I work in Southampton but offer online sessions as well. Session circa 2 hours:

£ 85

Reiki and Psychic Readings

I work in Southampton but offer online sessions as well.

£ 85 per session

Reiki and Psychic Development Training

Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 Master/Teacher, Psychic Development.

£ contact for price

The Energy Book

All about Chakras, energies, and personal development.  Available as e-book and print copy.

£ vary

About Me

Natalie Dekel (MPhil, B.Ed (Hons equiv.), BA (Hons equiv.)) is fully certified hypnotherapist (dip HSOH), Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher and artist. Natalie has been offering healing and guidance in Southampton since 2007.

Natalie is specialising in Hypnotherapy and hypnosis since February 2022.

Natalie is approachable and friendly practitioner, and loves helping people. Having worked with many clients using hypnotherapy and other forms of healing and wellbeing therapies such as Reiki, Access Bar, Hatha Yoga, Integrated energy and spiritual guidance.

Natalie qualified as Reiki Master/Teacher in 2003 and has been teaching healing and spiritual development ever since. She started teaching Hatha Yoga in 2017. Her work culminated in ‘The Energy Book’ which she co-authored with her husband (buy on amazon). The book guides the reader and supports their understanding of energy aspects of the human body, and how they can use this awareness to promote health and wellbeing.

Natalie trained in hypnotherapy with Lorraine Gleeson at HSOH school of Hypnotherapy and it has been a mind-expanding life changing experience!


“You are amazing at your work lovely one.  I feel great after a course of treatments with you.  Your methods and way of working makes one feel comfortable, at ease, open and uplifted. Just perfect for healing, breaking through stuck patterns and being living a fulfilling life.  Thank you. Xxx”

Louise R.

“Before the session with you I was feeling heavy tired and worn out but now my energies have been strengthened.

Information received from my guides and subconscious has helped me tremendously.
I can move on a little more and am realising my full potential.
I feel I can speak up if needed to keep my immediate family in a loving circle helping one another when needed.
Lots of love
And big thanks”
Lynne S. xxxxx?